A scientific model for organizations in the new millennium

Everyday people and organizations are missing opportunities to create incredible experiences and solve important problems simply because they are unable to see the paths available to them.

Sky has worked for nine years to discover the physics involved in “synchronicity.” He uses that knowledge to help individuals and organizations see small and large opportunities they might otherwise have missed.

“Syn” means aligned, and “chronos” refers to time, so a synchronicity refers to an event that lines up with your trajectory in a useful or meaningful way. With a “synchronicity mindset” we can see the potential meaning behind obstacles, adapt quickly to unexpected change and find the most constructive path toward our goals.

We cannot plan for every problem scenario, and trying to do so takes a toll on our health and productivity, ultimately affecting our long-term success. “Coincidence-informed decision making” can complement data-driven decision making, giving us another data point to guide our choices.

Understanding synchronicity within a physics framework allows us to rely on the power of Western science while also embracing the role of intuition. The partnership of these two aspects of problem-solving provides an effective and constructive methodology for approaching projects.

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